Welcome to my running blog. I am Mark Wilkinson, Co-founder of Highrise Digital – a WordPress Development agency.

I work remotely, usually from home but my job means I am sat down quite a lot leading to me developing a rather sedentary lifestyle. I would sit all day working on the computer and the move to the sofa in the evening to watch TV.

It had started bugging me and therefore I set about trying to do something about it, firstly by walking around the local area during my lunch hour and then in the spring of 2016 I started running. I really enjoy it now.

In 2017 I set a challenge to run 365 miles – a mile a day. I ended up running 1000 miles. You can read about this over on my blog.

In 2018 I am trying to run a little further – 1100 miles.

The idea of this blog is to document the journey. I figured that if I have to post my runs etc. and track progress I would be more likely to stick to the commitment and hit the target. And of course you guys can encourage me all the way!

Lets see how far I can get…..