Half Way Progress

I am now half way through the year and the last run I did (a distance record of 6.8 miles and a new personal best of 44 minutes and 48 seconds for 10k) took me over the line to achieve my target of running 365 miles in the year.

When I started this challenge 6 months go I wasn’t sure if that would be easy, hard or somewhere in the middle. It turned out pretty easy in the end and therefore I am setting new challenge.

I wondered what to set and have settled on something a little more tricky based on what I have managed so far. I thought about running the length of the United Kingdom from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. According to Wikipedia the shortest distance by road is 814 miles and therefore this is my new target.

I have also introduced a ‘delta’ to my progress data on the right hand side of all this blogs pages. This is based on whether I am ahead or behind target each day to achieve the 814 miles. A minus number means I am behind (I am at the moment) and this will be coloured red, whereas a positive number will mean I am on track to achieve the target. Positive numbers will be green.

Here are my stats so far in 2017 from Strava, the app I use to track my progress.

  • Total distance: 372 miles*
  • Time running: 43 hours 16 minutes
  • Elevation gain: 8,350 ft
  • Total runs: 84
  • Personal best 1k: 3 minutes 47 seconds
  • Personal best 1 mile: 6 minutes 16 seconds
  • Personal best 5 kilometres: 20 minutes 43 seconds
  • Personal best 10 kilometres: 44 minutes and 48 seconds

* I can only assume that the distance on Strava is further than the distance in my log is because Strava is rounding to more decimal places than I am.

By Mark Wilkinson

I love playing golf, running and I am also a WordPress business owner, developer, husband and father.

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