Progress Update – February 2017

This week, and getting towards the end of February I reached a century of running miles so far in 2017 and therefore I thought it time for a progress update.

Stick with it!

If you are starting out running, heading to the Gym or maybe even something else in terms of an effort to exercise more then I would strongly encourage you to stick to it! At first it seems every so hard work, having to go but trust me, the more you do it the more easier it becomes.

It becomes part of your normal routine and you don’t think about the negatives in terms of effort you need to put in too much.


I think that trying (and I know it is not always possible and that said you don’t want to be too rigid in that it rules your life) to stick to a routine about when you exercise┬áis a good idea.

For me I tend to go running mainly just before lunch between 11:00 and 12:00 or sometimes just before tea between 16:00 and 17:00. I find I need to run on an empty stomach and therefore these times work best.

But whatever works for you in terms of timing I guess.


People seem to spend a fortune on clothing and equipment etc. but for me I have just kept it simply. Shorts and any old T-Shirt, a pair of gloves (I have terrible circulation in my hands) a hat when its really cold and my old pair of Skechers Go Walk trainers.

I also invested in a pair of wireless (Bluetooth) headphones to make listening to music easier when running. I find the wire gets in the way when connected to the phone. Also I think listening to music helps a lot. At first I didn’t listen to music when running but I would not recommend it.

I also purchased a small arm strap bag off Amazon to put my phone and keys in when running which works well.

Current Progress

I feel fitter than for a very long-time now, in fact for longer than I can remember really. Hard to describe but generally just lethargic and less of a “can’t be arsed” attitude to things. Definitely feeling the benefits.

By Mark Wilkinson

I love playing golf, running and I am also a WordPress business owner, developer, husband and father.

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