1 Month In – Progress

So it is now exactly 1 month since I started my journey to run 365 miles in 2017. I must admit that when I started out I was not sure whether or not that target would be a massive ask, or whether it would be relatively straight forward. To be honest I am still no nearer knowing the answer!

On the face of it I am doing rather well, in terms of being on target. I have managed a half century of miles in January (50.6 to be precise) which is a lot more than a mile a day. However I am sure there are going to be days when I cannot run. I remember in late 2016 I was ill for a number of weeks and couldn’t run. If the same happens this year that will knock me back off target quite quickly.

Still, I am loving it to be honest. I am feeling fitter and stronger, even if my body feels very tired. Its strange though because the tiredness you get from exercise is already a good tired, like you have achieved something. It is quite satisfying.

Now to keep up the good work in February where I would love to try some different runs in different places. Who knows maybe I will.

Bye for now…

By Mark Wilkinson

I love playing golf, running and I am also a WordPress business owner, developer, husband and father.

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